First Macedonian Craft Brewery - Temov!

About The Family:

Temov family, a group of beer enthusiasts led by a simple beer philosophy “We do not make beer for the mass of people. On the contrary, we make beer for selected beer lovers and those who understand beer culture and art. A small part of rebels, who enjoy the real taste of beer and are not afraid to push the boundaries of modern commercialism. In short, we make beer for people like us.

Our simple philosophy:

We are pioneers in a new Macedonian beer era and we are not afraid to brake the boundaries. That is also what our beer represents.

Our beer:

We believe in the German law on purity of beer “Reinheitsgebot”, and that is why “Temov” beer is made according to this rule. This means that the beer is produced with the four main beer ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water. “Temov” beer is a natural beer made from natural ingredients, with no additional sugars, colors, flavors, preservatives and chemicals.”

Our story:

This is a family business and like every business it has a lot of obligations and responsibilities. We think that in order to be successful, the tasks and responsibilities must be shared. That's why we believe teamwork is very important. We started the business with the restaurant “Old Town Brewery” in 2009, with the idea that one day we will start with the production of beer. We worked hard as a team and a family to create this business, and despite all obstacles, today we can say that our dream has come true.

Beer is commitment.

Aleksandar, Brew Master

Beer Locations:

Old Town Brewery

Old Bazaar

+389 76 462 374



Macedonia Square, Skopje

+389 76 462 374


Pub Comedy


+389 00 000 000


Vine Bar Temov

Old Bazaar

+389 75 355 101


City Beach - Park

River Vardar

+389 76 462 374


Vetar & Magla

Zajcev Rid

+389 00 000 000



Old Bazaar

+389 02 312 5130